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【翻译】How Hacker News ranking algorithm works


All rights belong to Amir Salihefendic, I just do the translation.


How Hacker News ranking algorithm works

In this post I’ll try to explain how Hacker News ranking algorithm works and how you can reuse it in your own applications. It’s a very simple ranking algorithm and works surprising well when you want to highlight hot or new stuff.

在这篇博文里我会尝试解析Hacker News网站的排序算法是怎么工作的和告诉你如果在你自己的程序里使用这个算法。这个算法其实很简单但是在你想要高亮最新最in的东西的时候却十分的给力靠谱。

Digging into news.arc code

Hacker News is implemented in Arc, a Lisp dialect coded by Paul Graham. Hacker News is opensource and the code can be found at Digging through the news.arc code you can find the ranking algorithm which looks like this:

Hacker News网站是用Arc开发的,Arc是一种由Paul Graham大神改编的,基于Lisp的编程语言。Hacker News网站是开源的,源码可以在上面那个org网站找到。在挖掘探索news.arc的代码的时候你可以发现其排序算法长这样:

In essence the ranking performed by Hacker News looks like this:


分数 = (P-1) / (T+2)^G

P = 一个东西的得分,减一是为了减掉发帖者自己的评分

T = 帖子发布的时间(按小时计)

G = 重力参数,在news.arc里预设值为1.8

As you see the algorithm is rather trivial to implement. In the upcoming section we’ll see how the algorithm behaves.


Effects of gravity (G) and time (T)

Gravity and time have a significant impact on the score of an item. Generally these things hold true:

  • the score decreases as T increases, meaning that older items will get lower and lower scores
  • the score decreases much faster for older items if gravity is increased

To see this visually we can plot the algorithm to Wolfram Alpha.


  1. 当T增加的时候,分数随之下降,这意味着老帖子会得到越来越低的分数 (保证新鲜度)
  2. 对于老帖子的来说,如果重力参数增加,其分数掉的更快 (真·重力)

How score is behaving over time

Score 24 hours

As you can see the score decreases a lot as time goes by, for example a 24 hour old item will have a very low score regardless of how many votes it got.



Plot query:

How gravity parameter behaves

Gravity effects

As you can see by the graph the score decreases a lot faster the larger the gravity is.



Plotting query:

Python implementation

As already stated it’s rather simple to implementing the score function:


The most crucial aspect is understanding how the algorithm behaves and how you can customize it for your application and I hope I have contributed that knowledge 🙂


Happy hacking!

You can view comments to this post and a lot more thoughts on HN’s ranking here:

Paul Graham has shared the updated HN ranking algorithm:


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